If you have the video and thumbnail ready make sure to give each file a matching unused file number and add those to the file names.

IMPORTANT!! jot down or save the file number first, if you forget this number before the process is complete you could have a very hard time finding your file.

As you progress through the process you will see how that file number is used to quickly locate what you need. It can save time to jot down the category folder name in case you get interrupted in the process and forget.

place a copy of the Video file in the correct category folder in the big mama backup drive and a copy in the correct category folder inside the simthology folder in dropbox.

place a copy of the thumbnail file into the correct category folder in the big mama back up drive and upload a copy of the file into the WordPress media library by hovering over "media" and clicking ADD NEW.


  1. if you dont have a thumbnail see Creating a Thumbnail using WP Video Streamer

  2. in WordPress, in the left column hover the mouse over POSTS and right click ADD NEW to open that in a new tab. repeat that again in another new tab.

  3. in the first tab click ADD FROM DROPBOX and a pop-up will appear, in that pop-up first check to make sure you are in the "simthology" folder then select the category folder that the video file is in.

    if you have forgotten then you can do a search using the drop-box desktop app. Open the desktop app and search for the file number the same way you would using the standard windows file manager. once you have the file you can make a note of the category folder name.

    back in the drop-box popup click the correct catagory and click sort by name to order the files by the file number and check the correct file. then click CHOOSE.

  4. To the left you will see the file name, highlight the whole name except for the file type (.mp4) is not needed, copy the file name.

  5. leave the current page alone and go to the second tab we opened and paste the file name into the title field just under "add new post"

  6. go back to the previous tab and copy the video link then go back to the next tab, to the lower right of the page in the "catagories" box select video library and the correct category name that matches the category folder that the video is stored in.

    when the video library is selected you will notice the page changing, to the lower left a "video link" field should appear, paste the copied video link into the field.

  7. to the lower right you should see a "featured image" box, click SET FEATURED IMAGE, in that popup in the upper right you will see a search field, drop the correct file number into the search field, select the correct image, almost always there is only one image to select.

    If you are not seeing the correct image then either you have the wrong file number or you need to go back and do step 3. next in the bottom right click  SET FEATURED IMAGE

  8. next in the upper right column hit PUBLISH, this saves the post and a new ADD NEW POST button appears at the top of the page, click that, while thats loading switch over to the previous tab close the drop-box popup and click ADD FROM DROPBOX again and repeat steps 5 through 10

  9. if you want to test that the video post is working before clicking "add new post" and moving on to the next post, go to the top of the page just under the post title will be a link called "permalink" right click and open that in a new tab, this will display how the post is viewed on the front-end. if you already clicked "add new post" or you want to check different ones then in the upper left column right click ALL POSTS and open in new tab. select the "video library" category as a filter if you want to search the whole library or select a sub category if you have it and want to drill down. then order the list by name or if you have the file number do a search using that. right click the post to open up its contents and click the permalink under the post title.

  10. WP-Video-Streamer clean up.

    if both files are stored in there correct folders and the post process is complete then go back into wp-video-streamer and delete the items in the list, this will automatically delete the files inside dropbox in apps/simthology streamer app2. which cleans up duplicate files.

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